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Port Nolloth Attractions & Activities

Port Nolloth is a town and small domestic seaport in the Namaqualand region on the northwestern coast of South Africa, 144 kilometres (89 mi) northwest of Springbok. It is the seat of the Richtersveld Local Municipality.

  • Richtersveld Bookshop
  • Namakwaland Flowers
  • Port Nolloth Museum
  • Strandveld 4×4 Trails
  • Richtersveld 4×4 Trails
  • Port Nolloth Grazia Beachfront
  • Port Nolloth Lighthouse and Weather Shop

In this small little town not much goes on, but this makes it the best place just to get away from the hustle and bustle that is life.

You can spend your days laying at the side of the beach or fishing in the calm waters or enjoying the wonders of the Namakwa desert or if your timing is right, see the rainbow of flowers in the field.

At night, take your taste buds on an exotic trip by trying some of the local cuisines at the fine hotels, bars and restaurants …, also a road trip to AlaxanderBay go fishing.

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